Drug Use is a Sneaky Business

When someone struggles with a drug addiction or an alcohol problem, this isn’t exactly going to be something that they want others to know about. Most drug users and alcoholics are very secretive about their habits. They don’t want others to find out about their habits for they fear that their ability to continue using drugs and alcohol will be jeopardized as a result. So they tend to keep it a secret. However, there are signs to drug use and alcohol misuse that cannot be easily covered up, and these are what we will go over here.

Listed below are five of the most common signs that just about any addict, no matter what they are addicted to, will tend to display:

The person will often disappear or be unavailable at odd times of the day or week. What a lot of people do not realize is that an addiction is a very time-consuming habit. The person has to go out and obtain the substances, and then using them and getting high takes time as well. And sometimes the individual has to engage in clandestine activities to get money to fund their habit. So one of the most obvious signs is unexplained absences, unaccounted for disappearances.

Another sign of drug and alcohol abuse is an overall deterioration in the person’s physical health and appearance. When a person starts using drugs and alcohol, they begin to ignore and even completely abandon positive activities like personal hygiene, and they focus all of their time and attention on drug use instead.

A sign of drug use and alcoholism is that the individual will always seem to have money problems. They might always be asking for money, or they may even go so far as to steal or “borrow” large sums of money and then never pay it back. This is because a drug habit can get very expensive very quickly.

Another sign of drug use and alcohol misuse is a change in behavior or attitude. A normally chipper person can become sullen and depressed. A sane individual can become manic. Happy people become angry. And this condition is not fleeting. It lasts, and is consistent.

Yet another sign of drug use and alcohol misuse is that the person’s relationships begin to fall apart. This is another phenomenon that occurs to just about everyone who uses drugs and alcohol. Any addict knows that his or her family members or loved ones would naturally disprove of their new habit, so any addict is going to begin distancing themselves from their loved ones.

 These are just the most common signs that appear in just about any form of drug use or alcoholism. There are many others that are particular to specific, addictive substances. It would behoove all of us to learn all of these signs, so we can do our part to keep an eye out for these signs and to take action in addressing them when we do see them.

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