Safe Workplaces

Addiction problems are an important and difficult area, one that deals with employees´lives and health, about the safety of the workplace and the quality of work performed. Costs for alcohol and addiction in the European Union amount to 155,8 billion euro of which 11,3 billion euro in production losses. (European Committee of the Regions).
It is still a fact that most people who drink too much or use drugs have jobs. They are located at the machines and behind the desk. It´s just that many in their surroundings – co-workers, friends and managers – often do not understand what´s going on. Worst case, they understand but choose to say nothing. For fear, ignorance and lack of professional support, the addiction deepens and get worse. We enable further abuse.
It doesn´t have to be that way!
   A good drug policy involves major savings in many areas, both human and economic. If your company provides the necessary knowledge in the subject, co-workers and their families can get help while the company is saving money. Are you and your company interested in developing a drug-free workplace? NO-ADDICT can help you.

It´s about stop losing co-workers and money
What has been said before, most people who abuse alcohol, drugs, gaming or sex have jobs. No matter what addictive processes a person got stuck in, the denial is the same.. The alcoholic/drug addicted has no problem with alcohol/drugs. The gambling addict thinks it´s cool always wondering about odds and wins. The sex addict can´t see his own obsession with shameful sexual thoughts and activities as internet porn and sex chats. The workaholic doesn´t think they work too much. For them, the problem is not alcohol/drugs, gambling, sex or work the problem. It is always something else. By introducing a well-planned chain of action, we can reach behind the defense walls of denial, and help those who doesn´t want to be helped. We can always get better at preventing and detecting addiction before it has gone too far.

To implement a chain of action that works in practice
NO-ADDICT has a chain of action which prevents, detects and measures all forms of addiction, not only alcohol and drugs. The non-chemical addictions are called process-drugs: training, gambling, sex, work, shopping, co-dependency, food..

Gather the company´s management team.
We gather for a workshop with room for open discussions, reflections, thoughts and ideas. The current policy is reviewed and subject to the changes that the management team considers necessary. We discuss concrete cases, train our communicative ability and get new knowledge about abuse and addiction processes.

The chain of action is provided to the employees.
The manegement team reviews and discusses the chain of action with all the companies´ employees. NO-ADDICT assist with knowledge.

The chain of action put into work.
Our company ensures continuity, upgrading knowledge and maintaining a function plan of action through continued cooperation with NO-ADDICT. We offer year or multi-year contracts that may contain the following services:
Assessment of the staff´s indiviual needs.
Implementation of interventions.
Matching individual care needs.
Efforts, individually and in groups.
Continious management support and supervision.
Family/relatives treatment.

Lectures and specially targeted programs for different groups in the company.
NO-ADDICT guarantees professionalism, quick action and discretion.