Block 1
Block 1 gives an overall and general view and knowledge about abuse and addiction. How is the person and the surroundings affected? Which underlying driving forces make the person continue despite repeated consequences?

Block 2
Block 2 provides in-depth knowledge of the development of the dependency personality. We look at which factors play a part in the development of addiction, we open the “black box” to see what caused the “crash”. Different roles in a dysfunctional family system, trauma, survival strategies, the picture of yourself. As addiction is a family disease,we also look at and define co-dependency. What characterizes co-dependency and how we as relatives will handle it.

   Block 2 also contains relapse prevention, how to stay sober and clean after treatment. 

Block 3
Block 3 is focused on abuse and addiction in companies, organizations, associations and is addressed to employers and human resources managers. No-Addict has a chain of action which prevents, detects and measures all forms of addiction, not only alcohol and drugs. The non-chemical addictions are called process-drugs:  
training, gambling, sex, work, shopping, co-dependency, food. 
   A good drug policy involves major savings in many areas, both human and economic. It´s about coming too late as early as possible by an early detection! If your company provides the necessary knowledge in the subject, co-workers and their families can get help while the company is saving money. Are you and your company interested in developing a drug-free workplace? NO-ADDICT can help you.

Safe Workplaces
Addiction problems are an important and difficult area, one that deals with employees´lives and health, about the safety of the workplace and the quality of work performed. Costs for alcohol and addiction in the European Union amount to 155,8 billion euro of which 11,3 billion euro in production losses. (European Committee of the Regions).
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Drug use is a Sneaky Business
When someone struggles with a drug addiction or an alcohol problem, this isn’t exactly going to be something that they want others to know about. Most drug users and alcoholics are very secretive about their habits.
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